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1 chat request city sex - early stages of dating tips for women

The short answer as to whether you should be afraid or not, even if you have since unfriended the bogus user, is “possibly”.First things first, why might someone have created an account in the name of somebody you know and attempted to trick you into accepting them as a friend?

So why is Blendr less about promiscuous no frills sex and more about sodding relationships?Of course, stalking, spamming, spreading malware and identity theft can all occur on Facebook without creating a bogus account.It’s also important to realise that cybercriminals have often hijacked genuine users’ accounts to spread these sorts of attacks too.” And now the poor sods with the app are going to have to navigate an additional dance of “They Ironically Blendr, you and your ridiculous name have just fucked us all.That’s the question I was asked on Twitter this weekend, and I thought rather than try to squeeze my response to Michael into 140 characters it probably warranted a few more bytes worth of attention.If you want to learn more about threats on Facebook, join the Sophos Facebook page where more than 100,000 people are benefiting from early warnings about the latest attacks.

"Please don't assume we're going to the nicest restaurant in the city because I won't take you there.

If you find that you’ve befriended a false Facebook friend, unfriend them immediately and warn your genuine friends about what happened in case they have also added them to their network.

You should also check out our tips for better security and privacy on Facebook to make sure that you are following best practices to defend your account.

Don’t forget that anyone can create an account on Facebook which uses a bogus name, and scrape together some personal information and a photograph to make it a convincing fake identity to trick you into accepting their friend request.

Websites like Friends Reunited and Classmates have made it easy to work out who individuals might have known years before, and give imposters a head start as to who they might want to pose as.

For instance, imagine Bogus Ben manages to trick you into becoming Facebook friends with him.