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The image quality reveals crisp detail across all lighting conditions, and the photos and video are so good that you’ll have no qualms about sharing the footage via social media if you want to share anything that crops up in the camera’s 145-degree field of view. ) That field of view hits a sweet spot, where the coverage is neither too narrow, cutting off the edges, nor so wide that it’s hard to get enough detail where it counts.The high resolution we prefer means wider FOVs are managed better, as you can zoom in as necessary when examining footage later.

Drivers installed cameras to show their side of the story when others claimed the driver was at fault.In the United States, the problem has typically been the opposite (though fraud happens, of course): You want to prove what someone else did in a situation to harm you or your car.Our survey of readers shows that’s your primary concern.Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a service Amazon offers sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's warehouses, and Amazon directly does the picking, packing, shipping and customer service on these items.Every time I get behind the wheel, I use the Zero Edge Technology Z-Edge Z3 to record everything happening in front of me.After considering dozens of dash cams for this guide, and ultimately selecting 10 for testing, the Z-Edge Z3 came out solidly on top.

It hits the mark in terms of image quality, usability, and value, and it avoids features such as GPS and Wi-Fi that are found in many pricier cameras and may be unnecessary for some drivers.Additionally, I’m a photographer who frequently experiments with new camera technology, both still and video.For this update to our dash cam guide, I surveyed about 50 cameras, then spent hours working with our narrowed-down selection to see how they performed.A pickup truck had to swerve twice to avoid each vehicle, and a van and a semi-trailer were forced to apply emergency braking to avoid hitting the second driver—though the audio doesn’t reveal the braking.It’s an unsafe intersection, and I forwarded this video to the local township.Incidentally, this has made me a believer in the technology’s use and usefulness—it’s now safe to say I’ll be using these things for the rest of my driving days, and am looking forward to tracking the technology as it continues to evolve.