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The notification shall be made using a form issued by the relevant competent authority which shall take the format set out in Annex II. Where the competent authority has secure systems in place that allow it to fully identify the person filing the notification and the position holder, including all the information contained in fields 1 to 7 of Table 1 of Annex I, the corresponding fields in the form may be left blank in the notification format. A natural or legal person who has submitted a notification referred to in paragraph 1 which contains an error shall send, on becoming aware of the error, a cancellation to the relevant competent authority.The cancellation shall be made using a form issued by that competent authority which shall take the format set out in Annex III.

Article 3 Public disclosure of information on net short positions in shares Any public disclosure of a net short position in shares that reaches, or upon having reached, subsequently falls below, a relevant publication threshold in accordance with Article 6(1) of Regulation (EU) No 236/2012 shall contain the information specified in Table 2 of Annex I to this Regulation.In order to efficiently use such information, in particular with respect to the objective of ensuring the orderly functioning and integrity of the financial markets and the stability of the financial system in the Union, the quarterly information should be standardised, stable over time and of sufficient granularity, in the form of some daily aggregated data, to allow ESMA to process it and to conduct research and analyses.ESMA is not in a position to determine beforehand the specific information it may require from a competent authority, as that information may only be determined on a case-by-case basis and may include input as diverse as individual or aggregated data on the net short positions or uncovered positions in credit default swaps.In order to ensure consistency, the date of application of this Regulation should be the same as that of Regulation (EU) No 236/2012.However, in order to allow sufficient time for natural and legal persons to process the list of shares exempted pursuant to Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 236/2012, the preparation of that list and its subsequent publication on the ESMA website should take place sufficiently in advance before the application date of Regulation (EU) No 236/2012.Experţii SES pot fi angajaţi n diverse branşe, majoritatea fiind angajaţi n industrie (58%).

Activităţile sunt focusate n special n sprijinirea practică a firmelor n adaptarea la o economie de piaţă.SES oferă astfel un cerc din ce n ce mai larg de experţi care şi-au ncheiat activitatea profesională şi care astfel beneficiază de cunoştinţe şi experienţe din industria germană pe care le pot transmite şi altora.n anul 2004 baza de date a SES conţinea 6.300 de experţi.Aceştia contribuie n mod activ, la faţa locului, la dezvoltarea economică a firmei Dvs.In relation to the notifications of net short positions on shares, sovereign debt and uncovered sovereign credit default swaps and to the public disclosure of significant net short positions on shares, uniform rules regarding the details of the information including the common standard to be used in the notification should be specified to ensure consistency in the application of the notification requirements across the Union, to foster efficiency in the reporting process and to provide comparable information to the public.To ensure the proper identification of the position holders, notification should, where available, include a code that can complement the name of the position holder.Din anul 1989, SES a avut peste 13.500 de angajamente n 151 de ţări, dintre care 1.224 n ţările din Europa Centrală şi de Est.