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Other details may include physical description, occupation, education, proposed employment and names of other family members, as well as health checks and photographs.For more information on migrant selection documents see the following fact sheets: Many other records, including those of the accommodation centres where many migrants spent their early days in Australia, can provide personal details on migrants.

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They can however become naturalised to be invested with the rights of a citizen. On 26 January 1949 the status of Australian citizen was created when the was passed.The Archives also holds some records for child migration to Australia from the United Kingdom and Malta between 19. Immigration case files can contain several types of immigration documents, as well as related correspondence.Files documenting internment of ‘aliens’ during the two world wars, as well as requests to purchase land, can also provide further information on a migrant.The information found in passenger records varies considerably, but from 1924 standard details include name, place and date of embarkation, occupation or profession, sex, age, marital status, country of last permanent residence, nationality, and country of intended future residence.Details of the ship (or aircraft) are also given, including name, port of registry, shipping line, master’s name and date and place of arrival.Photographs, especially the Immigration Photographic Archive (series A12111) depicting migrants in the Australian community, can also be a useful source of information.

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The Archives holds duplicate copies of certificates issued between 19.

Naturalisation case files, which include the application for citizenship, oath of allegiance and other correspondence, generally give more detail than the certificate.

From 1945 onwards we also hold migrant selection documents for people applying to migrate to Australia under an assisted passage scheme.

Records are available for public access once they enter the open access period.

All aliens entering or residing in Australia had to be registered and report all changes of name, address, job or marital status.