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With a robust documentation library, free webinars, engaged community, and email and chat support, our friendly survey experts are ready to help you.

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Whatever your preference Poole is easy to start collecting as there is always a range of attractive, but relatively inexpensive, items available from all the main categories.

As you progress you can start to hunt down those rarer and more obscure pieces, and begin to pay a bit more for the showpiece items in your collection.

I think it's pretty impossible to surpass, at least in my book, I wouldn't want to do it again and I don't think I''d ever really need to do it again.

Date: Thu, 0000 (UTC) From: Lee Horton leehor at bellsouth dot net Subject: Jackson Horton Navy My Name is Jackson Horton I was stationed at Kodiak naval base from 1963-1964 I was the master at the gallery I was also on the naval boxing team I was there during the earthquake Looking for old friends from Chicago and New York Thanks please contact me at leehor at bellsouth dot net Subject: Kodiak History Really enjoy the Kodiak history page.

Most items have an impressed or printed shape number.

This can be useful in establishing the size and shape of an item from a photograph, and in some cases gives a good indication for dating.Understanding what the marks mean is the key to identifying and dating Poole Pottery.Reading the marks is quite easy, but you will need a reference book to decode them fully (Poole Pottery by Hayward and Atterbury is the standard text). The backstamp is either an incised mark, that may read "Carter Stabler Adams", "Poole, England" or similar, or a printed mark reading "Poole, England" with a dolphin figure. There are many variations in size, wording and layout, and even different styles of dolphin, which can be used to help date the item.Some items, particularly Atlantis, have an impressed monogram, which is that of the thrower / decorator.One anomaly is that Poole Studio items are normally not signed; they were reputedly the work of more than one artist.There has been such a wide variety of Poole designs over the years that almost anyone can find something that appeals to them, whether you have previously been interested in pottery or not.

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