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Currently, there are 48 chapters released, with Word of God putting the story at about 75% completion at ch. This would make it 92% done, if the target is 50 chapters.Updates often take upwards of a year to be posted, so be patient.

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effect on his personality, character, and relationship with his guardians. Geologic correlation of the Himalayan orogen and Indian craton: Part 1. Cooper, Using Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Geochemistry to unravel the Geologic History of the Southwestern Cordillera. Palynology and isotope geochronology of the Upper Ordovician–Silurian successions (Ghelli and Soltan Maidan Formations) in the Khoshyeilagh area, eastern Alborz Range, northern Iran; stratigraphic and palaeogeographic implications . The last chapters are being beta-tested in this Spacebattles thread: Spacebattles link and link.Warning: Bhepin has started out a rewrite in the Space Battles and Sufficient Velocity boards, but then stopped in September 2015. The mid‐Miocene Wilson Ridge pluton and River Mountains volcanic section, Lake Mead area of Nevada and Arizona: Linking a volcanic and plutonic section: in Duebenforfer, E. I., Geological Society of America Field Guide II: Field Guide to Plutons, Volcanoes, Faults, Reefs, Dinosaurs,and Possible Glaciation in selected Areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Structural geology, U–Pb zircon geochronology, and tectonic evolution of the Shillong Plateau and its neighboring regions in NE India. Pacific Section Society of: Economic Paleotologists and Mineralogists Book A.

He somehow becomes 20 times more badass than his canon counterpart as a result, becoming an efficiently intellectual power-player who knows no fear, charges headlong into combat without hesitation, exhibits nearly prescient planning abilities, and earns the reverence and adoration of his people for his heroism.

And then, in the second chapter, he actually arrives in Tokyo-3 and meets his Evangelion.

The author has managed to write an 'fic that replaces the original series' Wangst and navel contemplation with Serial Escalation, the Rule of Cool, and chainswords, understanding and respecting the source material ,but doing something completely different with it.

The result is something that both in effect, and continuity can be tricky to follow as a result.

These are released as radioactive particles (there are many types).