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That’d be 351 pounds of feed going to a hen that isn’t making eggs!Current, local prices for the layer rations I feed my hens is $28 per 40 pound bag, or $.70 a pound.

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Complete action, HD scenery and fantastic sounds, all to fulfill any sexual desire with the best solo XXX online.(I maintain a Pinterest board of chicken keeping and coop inspiration, by the way, if you are into that kind of thing.) A continuous supply of plentiful eggs requires a continuous supply of hens at laying age.For us non-commercial chicken-keepers, a good rule of thumb is that hens will lay pretty consistently (with periods off for molting, reduced day length and broodiness) from about 6 months old until about 3 years old. Bear with me here as I do some Urban Homesteader math.A smashing chance to view quality romance and super hot sex scenes in mind blowing positions.Only HD solo videos starring some of the finest pieces of ass on this planet.Which means those half-dozen cute peeping balls of fluff you take home from the feed store in spring could cost you 74 during the time when they are not giving you eggs.

And of course I’m not including the cost of bedding, a fractional share of the coop, potential vet bills, etc.

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So now you are a Backyard Chicken Keeper without any Backyard Eggs.

If your hens are pure pets, this is all totally fine. Your chickens, your adoption, your decision, your responsibility to see it through to the end.

You can make the decision to cull your birds when they are past prime lay. There is absolutely nothing ethically superior – and quite a bit that is ethically dubious, if you ask me – about enjoying the benefits of a young laying hen and then turning over the care or slaughter of that hen to someone else once it stops laying.

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