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That’s why it is important for you to understand the limitations and possible risks included with LASIK surgery.

However, like all surgeries, there are risks involved.

Next, an intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted into the same location where the cataract was removed.

Like the natural lens of the eye, an IOL focuses images onto the retina, which are then transferred by the optic nerve to the brain.

It was first performed in 1989 by an Ophthalmologist in Greece and introduced to American LASIK surgeons in 1990.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of LASIK surgery procedures are performed in the United States.

Patients with a family history of eye disorders, medical problems such as diabetes, or previous injuries to the eye are especially prone to vision problems.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in a sterile operating room. A very small incision into the eye is made to allow the insertion of a fine probe which then breaks the cataract up into small pieces that are easily removed.A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside the eye that prevents you from seeing a clear image of objects at distance for reading and/or close work.Primarily because of the eye’s natural aging process, cataracts begin developing in almost everyone before they reach the age of 60.This customized approach is affordable, precise, safe and efficient.Center for Sight is the only facility in Pensacola that has the laser permanently on site.At Center for Sight, we strive to give our patients peace of mind as well as the best eye care possible.

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