Adult cam paypal

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There simply is not a better injector on the market for your standard bolt-on GT-R, or if you are looking for a great primary fuel injector option on a staged injection car.

The upgraded unit provides a considerable increase in strength over the stock unit, which has the tendency to flex and cause premature differential failure.

With Tony's car breaking, Viren lined up with Gidi in the final of the Unlimited class.

The car FINALLY made a decent pass and laid down a 7.88 @ 183.

Right off the trailer we saw very promising runs from Hickey (7.88 @ 177), Shep (8.02 @ 173), and Mitch (8.86 @ 154).

Hickey continued to run great all weekend and lost to Boostin Performance in the finals of the stock location class, on the way to setting his new PB of 7.811 @ 182.

Needless to say, between five Motec cars Tony had his hands full!

The week of the race we got the shop car running with the new billet block and unfortunately a new head gasket design we were testing was leading to some coolant pressure issues.

Trap speed is a good indicator of horsepower at the top of the track.

ET is a good indicator of traction and average power.

The R35 GT-R is an engineering masterpiece and the stock ignition system as a whole is extremely impressive, easily supporting 1,600whp in most situations.

As we approached and blew past the 2,000whp area the need for ignition system upgrades became necessary.

While some of these are tailored more towards people aiming to break records in the R35 world, some of them are aimed at lightly modified daily drivers!