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It’s easy to imagine years gone by, when the dhows and pearl divers found a safe harbour here.

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Whether you wallow beside these charismatic creatures in shallow water or dive beside them, a package also buys you a day at the resort’s famous Aquaventure water park and private beach. 10 Splash out on dinner at a celebrity hot spot “As we walk past the Rolls Royce cars in the driveway of The Palace at the One&Only Royal Mirage hotel, it’s clear we’re in for a treat at the Beach Bar and Grill. I feel like cooking off-menu tonight,” offers the head chef, who comes over to say hello.

The falconer shows us how he trains the birds and exercises them to keep them fit for hunting.

It’s amazing watching the fastest animal on the planet, whizzing over our heads.

The sleek emirate of Dubai is not all glitz and glamour. And it’s a wonderful sensation to be looking down at this iconic skyscraper.

It’s also an ever-expanding haven for families, from kids to teens. We’re in a five-seat helicopter, whisking us tantalisingly close to some of Dubai’s most famous landmarks.

Whether you want to get a soaking at a water park, toboggan down a slope at Ski Dubai or open your kids’ eyes to bartering at a spice-scented souk, we sent a family over to the emirate to explore the very best of Dubai for you and your brood By National Geographic Traveller (UK).

A near-vertical take-off and we’re heading towards the billowing sail of the Burj al Arab.There, specialist vets treat them until they’re well enough to be transferred to the outdoor pens. Mum said I’d find it cheapest in the souk and that I’d get a good deal if I bargained.Sophie’s getting twitchy but luckily, Ibrahim has timed his talk perfectly to a child’s attention span. The souk was so busy with tourists and locals — we’d have got lost were it not for our guide, Faoud.“You see him,” says Ibrahim, pointing at another, “that’s Propeller — he’s missing flippers and has to swim using only his front limbs.” Many of the turtles, he explains, have injuries from collisions with boat propellers or entanglement with fishing lines; others might have ingested plastic bags. But they like algae, seagrass, coral and crabs, too. 07 Ski Dubai Cool off in the city’s winter wonderland — which includes a tobogganing hill, five ski and boarding slopes and a park with an igloo filled with ice sculptures.Members of the public bring rescued sea turtles to the Wildlife Protection Office or the ‘intensive care’ aquarium at the nearby Burj Al Arab. It’s seriously cold, with powdery snow blowing from special guns, but warm gear is provided. 08 Deira souks “Whenever I visit somewhere interesting I like to take home a model of a landmark and I wanted to find one of the Burj Khalifa.We spot groups of oryx and foxes, then we hop out to scramble up a dune, turned a bright yellowy orange by the setting sun.

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