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The state also has a remarkable number of support services dedicated to its distance students, from consortiums of schools to pacts with neighboring states, all of which we’ll explore below.So, before we dive into the best online colleges in New York, let’s begin with the state of higher education and online education in particular in New York today.

It has grown tremendously over the years and has been a leader in online learning for more than two decades.

While the extent of their online collegiate offerings appear to vary semester by semester, it’s clear the NYSDLC is a strong advocate for higher quality online learning at all levels of New York education.

New York is also one of six states allied under the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE).

Walden University allows you to earn you degree fast!

Undergraduate students can transfer up to 75% of required credits & master's programs can be completed in as few as 12 months!

Through this partnership, students enrolled at public colleges in member states can take advantage of non-resident tuition breaks, shared programming and simplified transfer processes.

Benefits of the NEBHE are available to both online and on-campus students.As for the state’s financial aid efforts, the National Association of State Student Grant & Aid Programs (NASSGAP) reported that New York awarded 7.6 million in need-based grants and .4 million in nonneed grants for the ’13-’14 school year.New York’s total grant aid is the 2nd highest amongst states.Having one of the largest higher education systems in the nation makes it difficult to sum up the depth of New York’s offerings and initiatives.The state has over 300 postsecondary schools, awards more grant money than every state except California and, as of 2012, was reported to enroll nearly 83,000 fully online students in its public and private schools.Online students also have virtual access to more than 60,000 journals through the school’s library website, making Stony Brook one of the best online colleges in NY.

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