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However, our current understanding of the role of age gaps in romantic relationships is limited, and it is based mainly on studies of couples who are already sexually active.

To better understand the link between age gap and sexual intercourse, to adjust for confounding and to examine how relationships among adolescents may be influenced by demographic characteristics, we considered age, race and ethnicity, religion and family characteristics in analyses of a nationally representative sample of American adolescent females who had a romantic partner.The first wave of Add Health was conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is described in detail elsewhere.Of a total of 3,356 female respondents, 2,131 indicated that they had had a male romantic partner, defined as the first male that the respondent listed when asked, "In the last 18 months have you had a special romantic relationship with anyone?Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2002, 34(6):304-305 Researchers and policymakers have focused concern and attention on adolescent females who have romantic relationships with older males.The age difference between a female and her partner may influence relationship dynamics in ways that put the female at greater risk of both unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).Females have a higher risk than males of contracting STDs during sexual intercourse with an infected partner, and the health risks associated with an unplanned pregnancy are borne by females.

For these and other reasons, many studies of the effect of age difference on sexual behavior have focused on the experiences of adolescent and young adult women.Their findings suggested that wantedness is inversely related to the age difference between a young woman and her partner, and that it may be related to her limited control over the situation.Furthermore, Leitenberg and Saltzman found that among females who had had first sexual intercourse at ages 11-12, those who had a partner five or more years their senior had an elevated risk of attempted suicide, substance abuse and pregnancy.METHODS: Data from 1,975 female participants in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health were analyzed using logistic regression to determine whether the age difference between an adolescent female and her romantic partner is a risk factor for sexual intercourse.RESULTS: Adolescent females involved with an older partner have higher odds of having intercourse with that partner than females with partners their own age, after adjustment for demographic covariates.Two studies have investigated the association between age difference and aspects of females' sexual debut.

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