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The real performer of ''Alimony Blues'' was also a radio veteran.Joe Manuel wrote the song in the early 1940s and it become much requested both in his radio mail bag and in live performance.

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Subsequent enquiries of the Steele family appeared to support this, though unfortunately Steele himself died just before the search begin.

I can sometimes be the life of the party and other times sit back and Honest, spontaneous, outdoorsy and genuine.

For me, work is very important; I achieve my goals for the realization of my dreams. As my friends tell about me I am the type of person that finds the joy and happiness in everything I do.

Stationed in San Diego, California, he saw Gene Vincent, and formed an onbase band, the Jim Bobs, with two guys named Bob.

''I got out of the Navy, and there were no jobs'', he said.

Sometime in the early-1950s, a tall, rangy country singer named Lee Ausborn came into the Sun studio.

he announced that he was the man who had taught Elvis Presley to play guitar, and proceeded to leave on tape fifteen demo songs.A new trend also started called DIY Do It Yourself projects as families wanted to improve their homes and do their own maintenance.Car engines continued to get bigger and more powerful and gas cost 29 cents.The last detainee, a Norwegian merchant seaman named Arne Peterssen was released, and Ellis Island officially closed.What is often not realized is not all Immigrants entering the United States were processed at Ellis Island many were never required to undergo processing only those who arrived on "steerage" or third class passengers were processed at Ellis Island.Although the artist appeared very assured before the microphone, the song was never registered with BMI and a comparison of the voice with a multitude of post-War Memphis recordings still left us nowhere.

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    “Unless it’s ‘The Guy,’ don’t bring him around,” Solomon says.

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