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He decides to announce his breakthrough and make the research available to the world for further research and development.

She is designed to be attractive, helpful and a perfect companion for a disabled man.

In the end, Kress attempts to destroy all the sandkings but fails.

In the epilogue of the episode, a colony of sandkings is shown surviving in the wilderness.

Cameron Deighton had Huntington's Disease and his two sons, Michael (Martin Kemp) and Spencer (Charles Martin Smith), may have inherited the gene responsible for the illness. Michael claims to have been tested and pronounced clear.

Spencer spends his time working on cures for serious illnesses, while Michael pushes for the development of more lucrative drugs—such as Jericho, a drug used to calm rioting crowds.

This page is a list of the episodes of The Outer Limits, a 1995 Canadian science fiction/dark fantasy television series.

The series was broadcast on Showtime from 1995 to 2001, and on the Sci Fi Channel in its final year (2001-2002). Simon Kress' (Beau Bridges) research for the government on Martian life is aborted because one of his specimens almost escapes into the natural environment.However, Kress doesn't agree with the abandonment of the project and decides to continue his experiments in his barn.He strongly believes that the insect-like species is actually sentient.Valerie escapes, follows Frank and again tries to kill Rachel.Frank is forced to destroy Valerie with an electric shock.Valerie responds by displaying more human traits such as anger and envy.

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