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Caroline remarks that she was a hottie in her heyday too, but at least she wore some clothes.

You don’t know a single person in a Jersey that could have a beer truck, Chris?

To her shock, the boys aren’t building “the biggest beer garden in all of Jersey” as she had thought. You can see the twinkle in Caroline’s eye fade upon discovering this news.

Grand opening is in 5 days so let’s hope it goes well.

Albie is picking up on the bad vibes from Caroline and Lauren so the next day he decides to check-in with his life coach (curious, did she think moving home at 28 was a good idea?? Anyway, happy to know Albie is getting some outside perspective on his life decisions – I’m a fan of life coaches.

The lady tells Albie to ignore the haters and focus on his own happiness. Later that night, Little Town #2’s big opening day is here and everyone shows up to support Albie and Chris. Lauren makes some snide remarks to Brittany’s face and even Caroline thinks Lauren is out of line.

I caught up with Caroline at the annual Spring Sparkle shopping event.

TBB: The Manzo’d With Children pilot is complete and you are about to start production on the real Mc Coy… Eight episodes which we will start filming in about 2 weeks.

Building a brick and mortar at a seasonal venue could have been financial ruin, so I commend them for not being completely egotistical and opening a Vegas-size location at the tracks.

Could it have looked a little nicer (sans crappy floppy sign and picnic tables)?

Suddenly, a black tank top, ahem, a black female tank top, is found amongst the basketball mesh shorts and boxers.

Caroline wants to barf at the sight of it, but is going to wait for the owner to claim it before she raises hell trying to figure out where it came from. But man, wouldn’t it be kinda fun to meet Chris’ girlfriends once in awhile? Apparently, Little Town NJ, their bar that they are partners in, is doing so well they’re opening location Number 2! The boys roll up to Meadowlands horse track, where their sister property is under construction.

In what little spare time he does have, Albie enjoys spending time with his family and continuing in his search for Mrs.

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