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Four and seven are numbers considered significant in their rituals and symbolism.In contrast, the Tanoan-speaking Puebloans (other than Jemez) have a patrilineal kinship system, with children considered born into their father's clan.

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The Pueblo peoples speak languages from several different groups and are also divided culturally by their kinship systems and agricultural practices, although all cultivate varieties of maize.You can start your search as soon as you join up and there are absolutely no fees.We also have free dating sites all around the USA, so why not check out one of our others, like dating in New York.The main pueblos are located primarily in the present-day states of New Mexico and Arizona.The Pueblo peoples speak languages from four different language families, demonstrating their diverse origins.Their creation myth tells that humans emerged from the underground.

They emphasize four or six cardinal directions as part of their sacred cosmology, beginning in the north.

In the 21st century there are 21 surviving pueblos in the Southwest of the United States.

Taos, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Acoma, Zuni, and Hopi are the best-known.

The Hopi, Zuni, Keres and Jemez each have matrilineal kinship systems: children are considered born into their mother's clan and must marry a spouse outside it, an exogamous practice.

They maintain multiple kivas for sacred ceremonies.

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