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Those recovering alcoholics who have talked about changes especially during the first year, can you be more specific? Some alcoholics just stop drinking, some alcoholics need the universe to revolve around their not drinking anymore. And if she's really recovering, not relapsing, it shouldn't be a problem; I've dated girls who don't really drink before and it hasn't been an issue. IME, with most alcoholics, drinking is only a symptom of their problem as a whole.

The object of your affection probably knows this, as well and may be hesitant to get down with you for that very reason. FWIW, I've passed on a couple of smoking hotties who prominently mentioned their recoveries in their Match profiles. I'd feel the same way if somebody mentioned their personal relationship with Jesus before they asked me out on a date.* Thanks, but it probably won't work out. Most relationships that I have seen do not make it, the "normal" spouse can begin to have problems because they no longer need to protect or take care of the alcoholic, this can lead in several directions.

To be frank, much of my social life involves drinking in one way or another. And like has been mentioned, major decisions in the first year should be avoided if possible.

Well, as a person who doesn't drink alcohol and is largely uninterested in it, I might be a good choice for a recovering alcoholic to date. I'd be cautious, but it wouldn't be an instant rejection either. I have never seen a successful relationship that began when one of the participants was in his or her first year of recovery -- and that includes my old NA sponsor, who married another NA member and had two kids with him before it went to shit.

On the other hand, my lack of knowledge about the effects of drunkenness and about handling drunken people might make it a bad idea. I'd want to know how long sober and whether 'classic alcoholic' behaviors are still around. Ones body goes through a lot of changes that first year. I can sum it up quite nicely for you with a personal anecdote: after I gave up drinking wife and I went through a transition period, I was no longer the same man I was when I was active.

We lived together for about 5 years before we bought a house together and now he has 16 years sober.

I'm sure glad that I took that chance, but I doubt I would have if he hadn't had a few years under his belt when I met him. I was thinking along the lines of six months but the majority so far are saying a year. Seriously, no, it's not necessarily a downcheck, but it's not a good thing either.

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In fact, I dated a guy when I was still in AA who had no problems cancelling dates with me in order to attend AA or NA events, and who took lengthy "sponsee" phone calls at dinner. I told him to get lost and call me back when he was ready for a relationship with some actual relating.

So it's not just the "normal" spouse who has problems.

I would not want to interfere with that, at least not in the early, crucial stages. Coming back to what I said, I should have prefaced that by saying what happened between my wife and I was more the exception than the rule. Most relationships that I have seen do not make it, the "normal" spouse can begin to have problems because they no longer need to protect or take care of the alcoholic, this can lead in several directions.

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