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Alternative lifestyle chat line - Free sext text chat

Back in the sixties, there were groups of people that lived together in little communities.

However, the tide has changed and a growing number of people go about their jobs in a different way. Some people can do their job from home, a beach or sitting at the park by getting on their computers or mobile devices.Many of these lifestyle choices are called "Fetishes" This section of the forum is for you to enter into a discussion about these various lifstyle choices.The Guru has agreed to define several of the choices for you, feel free to debate his definitions!How many times have you heard the phrase, “they are stuck in the stone age”?This is referring to not being up on the latest and greatest happenings. Think gated communities or serene and modern mountain villages today.If you are looking for a real size queen you will be sure to find someone who like just wahat you like.

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By its very definition, an alternative lifestyle is one that is not like mainstream society.

People living in communes today is not really considered odd or strange.

This means people that still get up and go to work, still hand write a letter and still use a land-line telephone are all living alternative lifestyles from mainstream society.

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