Am i dating a pathological liar

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Am i dating a pathological liar - cebuana dating philippines

“My mother, father and I have all told him he needs to get psychological help for his lying. He learned to lie at an early age as a way to survive in our tough childhood neighborhood.

He is very intelligent and owns two successful businesses which permit him to live a lifestyle of excess. So much so, his family members repeatedly encouraged him to get psychological help. After talking to him daily for nearly a month, going out on a few dates and his expressing his deep connection to me, I didn’t hear from him for a few weeks. A week before that last conversation, he’d totaled his car and was in the hospital for a few days.When I didn’t hear back, I imagined him in a hospital bed. Some were true, others weren’t, and some she wasn’t sure about.So why would he lie about his cousin’s death and the age difference between him and his sister?I can see why he might lie about the job, but he spun an elaborate tale about that.I like mystery movies and when the riddle isn’t solved cogently, it’s unsettling.

My feelings for this man had dissipated but I wanted to close the book having some questions resolved.

I am at a loss about what to do and also wonder if anything can be done. To answer your second question first, what comes to mind when I read your account are what are called the “personality disorders”.

Personality disorders are (to quote DSM-IV) “enduring patterns of inner experience and behavior that deviate markedly from the expectations of the individual’s culture”.

Don’t we wish every man who says or does something that doesn’t make sense had such a forthcoming sister to tell us the truth?

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His birth mother didn’t want him and used him for the money his father has.