Annoying orange the dating game

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He was seen competing for Passion Fruit before being squashed by the walls seperating him from the other bachelors.

Art: Oh, I'm sure you're completely mistaken, Passion. The actual show features the misadventures of Orange, a talking orange who lives on a kitchen counter as he annoys the food he meets with lame puns, weird noises, braying laugh, and unintelligence.The episodes usually result in the food having some form of painful death, which he tries to warn them about.Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Ham Williams Jr., New England Plantains, New York Gi-Apples, Grapefruit, Zoom, Panda Bears, Bunny Rabbits, Pikachus, Puppies, Kittens, Penguins, Lambs, Jackalopes, Unicorn The Fruitbowl is an episode uploaded to You Tube on February 3rd, 2012.Its name is a play on the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League which aired later that weekend. Pomegranete: But Passion, my philosophy's never looked back, so I can only be forward, yes?

Passion: If we went on our first date- Orange: But I don't have a calendar! Like when two fruits really, really like each other! As of January 5, 2017, the channel has more than 5.5 Million subscribers.Cartoon Network was involved in a lawsuit because of annoying orange copyright issues. (laughs) Passion: Ok, see, I'm getting that feeling again. Orange: (laughs) Stupid Apple, Red Onion made Franch toast out of you! Then, at the end of the fourth quarter with two seconds left in the game, the Gi-Apples attempt a field goal (a manuever where a player kicks it between two posts), down 85-83.