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Please note that the data for all countries is in the process of being updated.For the most recent data (including 2013 data), download the State of The World's Children 2015 Country Statistical tables [Excel] and choose a country.

All Arab countries have a literacy rate lower than any European nation or any former Soviet Republic, and lower than most countries of the American Continent as well.If not direct Arab descent, then the illustrious ancestor had come from either Iran or Bukhara.Interestingly, the ancestor is always a great general or a saint.But, I have heard of lineages reaching back to Old Testament prophets as well.An elderly Janjua (Rajput), from the Salt Range told me of a forefather named Ar, a son of the Prophet Isaac.Arab origin is the favourite fiction of all subcontinental Muslims.

Most claim their ancestor arrived in Sindh with the army under Mohammad bin Qasim (Mb Q).The Awans, similarly, have a fictional ancestor called Qutb Shah from the line of the last caliph of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. In their need to escape the discrimination of the so-called higher castes, our ancestors converted to a religion that in theory claimed to profess human equality regardless of colour or caste.My friend Kaiser Tufail, an Arain, has had himself genetically tested from the US. His line comes from what is now Uzbekistan and has lived from early historic times in the subcontinent. I use the words ‘in theory’ because even as the Arabs converted our ancestors to Islam, they discriminated against them for being “Hindis” as we learn this from Ibn Batuta’s own prejudices. Consequently, even after conversion, my ancestors, poor agriculturists, were looked down upon by the Arabs and even those who had converted earlier the same way as they were by the Brahmans when they professed their Vedic belief.Closer to our times, the Arains are indeed acclaimed for their green thumb for which reason Shah Jehan relocated a large bunch of them to mind the newly laid out Shalimar Garden of Lahore. The expounds on this fictional ancestor’s noble background and courage in battle to the extent that he almost outshines Mb Q.But it does not give us any source or reference for the rubbish that sullies its pages.Neither could he tell me how the name Ar, not being in the Old Testament, had reached him.

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