Are alex gaskarth and tay jardine dating

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They met during the Gimme Summer Ya Love tour (an All Time Low tour).

It was a chance for an escape, somewhere where they could start over again. Detruire is actually a town dedicated to the study of disasters, or disasterology, as it is usually known.When he wakes up the following morning he finds himself back in 2006 and makes it a mission to find his old self and convince him to take Jack to the prom instead of Lisa. Jack didn’t know how the ‘ignoring the problem’ thing would work; he knew that it didn’t for him.So I got the idea of this from a Joshler fic called Surrounding All My Surroundings and another Joshler fic called Kik not even gonna lie but this isn't gonna be the exact same story as either of those. Who knew that one night and a kik message the following day from the leader of his rival fraternity would lead Link down a path of wonder and betrayal on both parties behalves. There was, however, one thing that he was completely certain about: He was royally screwed, and not in the way he would have liked. Link Carson, leader of Kappa Phi, and Alex Gaskarth, leader of Sigma Nu, have been at war since Link's older brother Cody and Alex's older brother Thomas were the leader, or maybe even since Link's father and Alex's father were the leaders. All of her life, Eliza has been raised by her adoptive, abusive parents. All they know is they're meant to hate each other, but Alex seems determined to change that. Also his best friend, but that didn't fucking matter. She never knew her biological parents until they turned up at her doorstep on her sixteenth birthday, only to discover that her father was a member of the band which saved her life. How can Eliza make amends with her newly found biological parents after the drama unfolds during the summer? Or Angsty Malum & road trip(s)Title From IYDK formerly titled Wrapped Around Your Finger (there are like a billion fics called Wrapped Around Your Finger so I decided to change it, sorry for any confusion) Alex comes home to find that Lisa has cheated on him and decides that it's the last straw.

He invites Jack over only to realize that he made a mistake in marrying Lisa and not him.Body Slim Weight Girlfriend / Spouse Vic Fuentes girlfriend is Danielle Victoria. Others he dated are: Laura Christine Cara Crawford Rachel Cohen Welly Llewellyn Ethnicity White / Caucasian Color of Hair Brown Colors of Eyes Brown Physical Distinctive Features Nose Piercing Measurements Shoe Size Style, makeup, Dress and hair style Brand Ambassador for Religious Belief Well Known For He rose to fame singing for Pierce The Veil. He has a brother name Michael “Mikey” Fuentes and they both play in the band. Vic Fuentes is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. The Best Thing (That Never Happened) seems to be about Alex. Neither one of them have ever confirmed Taylex, but for some videos of them together click here: Disasterology First TV Show or Movie Favorite Things List tour dates for the year List of Facts 1. Khloe Kardashian Is Done With Lamar Odom: Will He Survive Without Drug Rehab?

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