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BLT sandwiches made with Armenian dried beef, kufta with tabouleh chimichurri, and spicy hummus are just a sampling of the offerings at the Lower East Side’s Mazeish Grill.

Equipped with an elaborately outfitted banquet hall and outdoor patio, it’s Sevan’s menu that will captivate your eye the most.

He said the failure to register process in the negotiations is connected with Azerbaijan’s adoption of a policy of force in response to self-determination, which it sticks to until now.

The Deputy Foreign Minister said the negotiation process should be treated on two layers.

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Specializing in what it refers to as “Mediterranean goodness,” Nanoosh may surprise Armenian eaters with wholesome fare that would be at home in any Middle Eastern kitchen.

Hearty lentil soup, baked falafel with hummus, and fresh-made Cooking up Middle Eastern mezze staples, casual eatery Tutt Café is the locals’ pick for an affordable feast.Whether you’re familiar with or foreign to Middle Eastern cuisine, you’re sure to enjoy this upscale establishment serving up home-style cooking.At Lebanese-Armenian restaurant Almayass NYC, understated opulence is what’s on the menu.Perhaps the most embraced international cuisine in New York City, Middle Eastern fare has become as quintessential to New York as coffee and—dare we say? While there’s no shortage of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries in the city, only a select few boast flavors worthy of Armenian appetites.From traditional Armenian eateries to fusion restaurants, here are the best spots to enjoy Armenian food in New York City.When self-taught chef Rawia Bishara set out to share her home cooking with New York restaurant goers, she captured attention (and appetites) with her uniquely fluid approach to “Middle Eastern home-style cooking” and Mediterranean flavors.