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Many forgers were once fledging artists who tried, unsuccessfully, to break into the market, eventually resorting to forgery.

However Michelangelo was permitted to keep his share of the money.Some exposed forgers have later sold their reproductions honestly, by attributing them as copies, and some have actually gained enough notoriety to become famous in their own right.Forgeries painted by the late Elmyr de Hory, featured in the film F for Fake directed by Orson Welles, have become so valuable that forged de Horys have appeared on the market.Art had become a commercial commodity, and the monetary value of the artwork came to depend on the identity of the artist.To identify their works, painters began to mark them. As the demand for certain artwork began to exceed the supply, fraudulent marks and signatures began to appear on the open market.Near the end of the 14th century, Roman statues were unearthed in Italy, intensifying the populace’s interest in antiquities, and leading to a sharp increase in the value of these objects.

This upsurge soon extended to contemporary and recently deceased artists.

Copies, replicas, reproductions and pastiches are often legitimate works, and the distinction between a legitimate reproduction and deliberate forgery is blurred.

For example, Guy Hain used original molds to reproduce several of Auguste Rodin's sculptures.

During the Renaissance, many painters took on apprentices who studied painting techniques by copying the works and style of the master.

As a payment for the training, the master would then sell these works.

A City on a Rock, long attributed to Goya, is now thought to have been painted by the 19th-century forger Eugenic Lucas.

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