Awstats not updating automatically

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Awstats not updating automatically - 100 to email dating site

I am pointing the common reasons why the stats can fail to update and will add more reasons when I come across them.If Awstats not updating automatically then obviously you will have to update it manually.

[2016-04-17 -0400] Generating summary report [2016-04-17 -0400] 252 records in 1 seconds, 252/sec [2016-04-17 -0400] Complete and then select the user to update stats from the drop down and fire the statistics to be processed by hitting the ‘Go’ button.

Please contact Live Support, so they can investigate this issue further.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Listed below are the points to check if this problem exists in AWstats. Move to Metrics AWstats HOW TO UPDATE AWStats MANUALLY? The directive “Allow To Update Stats From Browser” has to be set to 1.

AWstats Location: By following the below steps you can access and analyze the location from the c Panel: 1. AWStats can be updated manually using c Panel and also from the command line. The free powerful graphic tool AWStats generate web techniques, stream flow, file transfer protocol or email server statistics. This works as a CGI or from the command line and shows all the possible information that is contains in the log.

In the above replace the domain with your domain name and name of the user along with c Panel authorization. You can easily enable awstats option through WHM by following simple steps: MANUALLY CHECK YOUR AWSTATS THROUGH c PANEL The following are the steps to check awstats through c Panel manually STEP 1: You have to login to your c Panel. STEP 3: Under the view column, click on the magnifying glass.

STEP 4: Then we have to check the LAST UPDATE and LAST VISIT fields that they are older than the current date. STEP 5: Finally you have to check whether the report has been updated and the data is changed to the most recent ones.If it still fails, then the issue is something deeper and we need to investigate further.There are many reasons as of why even a manual stats update can fail.From Command Line To update Awstats for a user alone via command line, run the command below after logging to the server as ‘root’ user.c Panel Log Daemon version 26.0 —— [2016-04-17 -0400] Reading history file… webalizer.current [2016-04-17 -0400] Saving current run data…In some condition where the AWstats is not updating mechanically then don't be panic. Execute the following command: For a particular c Panel account there are conf files for the domain.

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