Bach trumpet dating

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, considered masterful examples of balance between assorted groups of soloists and a small orchestra.The collection was composed circa 1711–20 and dedicated in 1721 to Christian Ludwig, the margrave (.

Bach's almost 200 extant cantatas are among his important vocal compositions.The basso continuo consists of a group of players, depending upon the scoring of the cantata and the performance location.For example, a bassoon is typically playing when other wind instruments are called for, an organ may be played in church, a harpsichord will be used in secular surroundings.Such royal requests could be quite lucrative for a composer, but the margrave never paid for Bach’s work, for reasons that remain unclear.It may be that Christian Ludwig knew the pieces were neither newly created nor written specifically for him; rather, they were revisions of works Bach had composed some years earlier for the court at Köthen.The serial lists can be deceiving, you never really know what you are buying until you get it.

Many lower numbers are not really his early horns, but imported from W Germany - post war (as Mück expanded his market, he stopped building all his own horns).Although a superior court orchestra would have had no difficulty in fielding such a large and diverse number of virtuoso players, the margrave’s orchestra was less skilled.As a younger son, Christian Ludwig lacked the resources to support such a talented ensemble.The Sundays after Trinity are numbered using roman numerals (for example "Trinity II" for the second Sunday after Trinity).The high holidays Christmas, Easter and Pentecost were celebrated for three days, indicated by numbers for the second and third day, for example "Easter 3" for the third day of Easter.It is likely that these concerti were never performed at the Brandenburg court.