Backdating of housing benefit

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Backdating of housing benefit

If you want to claim housing benefit but are self-employed you'll also need to complete our self-employed income and expenditure form (Word 62KB) and send it back to us along with any other forms we've asked you to complete.From 1 April 2016 the maximum period for which a housing benefit claim may be backdated is one month. For pension age the maximum period for which a housing benefit claim may be backdated is still 3 months.

Other adults resident in the property are expected to contribute towards the Rent, therefore your Benefit may be reduced in order to accommodate this.

If you ​want us to share information about a claim you have already made with someone else please use this information sharing agreement (PDF189KB), which can be found in the Documents section of these pages.

If you are already filling out a new claim form you won't need this as there is already a section in there for this.

It is important you update us with any relevant changes in your circumstances relating to benefits you're receiving.

Please take a look at the Changes in Circumstances page for more information.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are a working age tenant living in a council or housing association property your Housing Benefit will be reduced if you have more bedrooms than your family needs.

Working age is below the age when you are eligible to claim Pension Credit.

You can check the age you will be able to claim Pension Credit by using the external link to GOV. An additional bedroom is allowed for foster children, including approved foster carers who are waiting for a child to be placed with them.

For Housing Association tenants - if you want your housing benefit paid directly to your Housing Association please fill out and send in the 'Direct ​payment request for HA form' within the Documents section.

Housing Benefit is a 'means tested' Benefit - different awards will be granted depending on your personal circumstances.

If you are of pensionable age and are not in receipt of Housing benefit, now may be the time to apply.

For further information, see the Related Links section below.

Customers with adult children who are away at University but continue to live with their parents and intend to return home will be allowed an additional bedroom.

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