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Because you have double vision you need to go back to the person who tested your eyes and tell them about your double vision and the distortion problems with the glasses.

If the reading will get better on it's own I will probably just wait it out.Finally, before freshman year I got contacts and wore those for many, many years and still do today when doing any physical activities, although I still have a fetish for glasses. I loved my annual exams knowing I would get a stronger prescription and thicker glasses. I longed for for eyes to get more nearsighted and necessitate Coke bottle lenses but that did not happen.Then came the experiments with over correction and I quickly found out I can tolerate quite a bit of minus and still see just fine.Distance has been the clearest I've ever remembered! The lens are a regular 1.50 index so there is decent thickness to them and they stick out of the frame quite a bit with plenty of power rings and the lined bifocal is pretty obvious as well!I'm hooked and already thinking about another order with more minus.Before you make this request, if you absolutely feel you cannot adjust to these new glasses, please let us know here about whether your double vision problems last more than briefly each day as you may also need a prism correction.

New Glasses Trouble , Cactus Jack The double vision is kind of just always there, has been for some years now.Even though I wanted to so bad I was reluctant to wear them outside of the house.I continued to struggle with reading the blackboard at school but did finally get another exam and needed a stronger prescription. This went on for another couple years and in between wearings I found myself squinting heavily to see.After several pairs and half a decade at age 39, I found myself able to accommodate over correction of minus but when doing so close vision became increasingly poor.So..actual prescription: OD: -4.25 -0.25 109 OS: -4.75 -0.50 171 My glasses I've worn for the past couple years: OD: -5.00 -0.25 109 OS: -5.75 -0.50 171 And now..latest that I received from Firmoo yesterday: OD: -6.50 -0.25 109 OS: -7.00 -0.50 171 1.00 read Vision is perfect! Bifocals we're easy to adjust to as they sit on my face now and I'm looking thru the add portion of the lens as I write this on my mobile device.Agenda: On January 24 and 25, 2018, the committee will discuss modified risk tobacco product applications, submitted by Philip Morris Products S. for IQOS system with Marlboro Heatsticks, IQOS system with Marlboro Smooth Menthol Heatsticks, and IQOS The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee will meet on January 24-25, 2018, to discuss these applications and provide their recommendations to the FDA.

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