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Bebo com dating - contacts of love dating

"And from then on, the product has to stand on its own." If it doesn't, "it will be fun trying," Birch said in his video.Those who want to be the first to try the new Bebo can sign up here, and while you're at it, feel free send Birch one last whiteboard doodle.

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"We took what bebo is all about -- creativity, self expression, being bold, having fun.The video was the first step in this process, according to Monkey Inferno CEO Shaan Puri, the man Birch has put at the helm of the new Bebo. K.-based viral video ad company Rubber Republic, wrote the script after realizing how many drawings of male genitalia were on Birch's very own Bebo whiteboard.Puri said he knows there's a tough road ahead, given the challenges of trying to revive a nearly dead brand.All that's left is a loyal following overseas in the U. Well, that and apparently, people who draw profane images on profiles.Birch, who is from England, discusses the situation with his usual quirky charm in the video below.(If you're offended by certain anatomical images, or don't enjoy sassy British humor, don't watch it.) He talks about a well-known Bebo feature called the whiteboard that the company created in hopes of drawing people away from Facebook.

It was like an MS Paint feature on your profile, on which people could leave drawings. Birch explained the move in a video posted to the Bebo landing page, where he acknowledges the site just wasn't worth running anymore. Michael Birch, the founder of the one-time Facebook rival, bought back the social network only to have his company shut down the site on Wednesday as it prepares to relaunch the business.So how can Puri and his crew keep the new Bebo from becoming the another Myspace?The new Bebo will be treated like a startup, Puri said, following a model similar to the other projects coming out of the 18-person Monkey Inferno."Our approach basically is you have to acknowledge that. You have to acknowledge what the current state of the brand is," he said.