Become authorized vendor liquidating assets for bankruptcy

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Become authorized vendor liquidating assets for bankruptcy - christian dating ga

"Vendor" means the person providing the service or by whom the transfer effected or license given by a sale is or is to be made or given and, for sales described in division (B)(3)(i) of this section, the telecommunications service vendor that provides the nine hundred telephone service; if two or more persons are engaged in business at the same place of business under a single trade name in which all collections on account of sales by each are made, such persons shall constitute a single vendor.Physicians, dentists, hospitals, and veterinarians who are engaged in selling tangible personal property as received from others, such as eyeglasses, mouthwashes, dentifrices, or similar articles, are vendors.

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All transactions by which printed, imprinted, overprinted, lithographic, multilithic, blueprinted, photo static, or other productions or reproductions of written or graphic matter are or are to be furnished or transferred; The production or fabrication of tangible personal property for a consideration for consumers who furnish either directly or indirectly the materials used in the production of fabrication work; and include the furnishing, preparing, or serving for a consideration of any tangible personal property consumed on the premises of the person furnishing, preparing, or serving such tangible personal property.Except as provided in section of the Revised Code, a construction contract pursuant to which tangible personal property is or is to be incorporated into a structure or improvement on and becoming a part of real property is not a sale of such tangible personal property.The construction contractor is the consumer of such tangible personal property, provided that the sale and installation of carpeting, the sale and installation of agricultural land tile, the sale and erection or installation of portable grain bins, or the provision of landscaping and lawn care service and the transfer of property as part of such service is never a construction contract.As used in this division, "personal care service" includes skin care, the application of cosmetics, manicuring, pedicuring, hair removal, tattooing, body piercing, tanning, massage, and other similar services."Personal care service" does not include a service provided by or on the order of a licensed physician or licensed chiropractor, or the cutting, coloring, or styling of an individual's hair.On and after August 1, 2003, the transportation of persons by motor vehicle or aircraft is or is to be provided, when the transportation is entirely within this state, except for transportation provided by an ambulance service, by a transit bus, as defined in section On and after August 1, 2003, motor vehicle towing service is or is to be provided.

As used in this division, "motor vehicle towing service" means the towing or conveyance of a wrecked, disabled, or illegally parked motor vehicle.

In the case of corporations with stock, one corporation owns or controls another if it owns more than fifty per cent of the other corporation's common stock with voting rights.

On and after August 1, 2003, personal care service is or is to be provided to an individual.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, such transactions that occur between members of an affiliated group are not sales.

An "affiliated group" means two or more persons related in such a way that one person owns or controls the business operation of another member of the group.

A person who performs a facility management, or similar service contract for a contractee is a consumer of all tangible personal property and services purchased for use in connection with the performance of such contract, regardless of whether title to any such property vests in the contractee.

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