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The target was lonely, far away from home and vulnerable.The honey pot had one of several simple objectives: She wanted to get intel, she wanted to plant a bug or something incriminating on the target, or, as in most cases, her objective was to procure incriminating documentation, especially photos, on the target.

A “honey pot” is a much more nefarious computer mechanism geared to lure men of influence or wealth into compromising cyber situations.

Her relationship status was “complicated.” Her profiles said she likes social media.

She is a bit of a “hipster” and listens to indie music.

In one case, she sent her target a picture to comment on. The hackers could now listen and watch all the computers on the network and use each computer as a microphone and camera to monitor what was happening.

The comments page was an Excel document that needed to be downloaded from a more powerful computer: the target’s work computer. The virus then uploaded another more powerful, undetectable virus that removed any trace of the first.

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Best is most pupular FREE Islamic marriage or matrimonial website in the world.Iran is working hard to get up to speed on modern-day espionage.Its goal is to crack into high tech firms that support Western defense and intelligence industries, thereby giving them a huge advantage in their battle against the West.Doing it from work, she explained, was important because it would make the comments on the photo simpler and easier to access. Mia, this Iranian honey pot, set out to invade intel companies and governments in Saudi Arabia, the United States, India and Israel.In the case described, the effected company’s cyber security unit eventually detected the invasion and shut it down. Mia’s picture was from a Romanian student’s profile.The flirty honey pot urges the target—usually a man—to click on a link that then exposes their top secret material.

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