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Released the 1st week of August, Issue 6 is a MONSTER!

There are many recipes from previous months to look at and attempt and definitely something to inspire you for your next event or function.

Competitions to put your skills to the test Awards Dinner & Show for food and entertainment Goodie Bags, Balloon Magic - The Magazine, and Qualatex Sample Twister packs of balloons both courtesy of the Pioneer Balloon Company For more details and to book on the early bird special till Sept 25th.

Until the end of August Balloon Art Wholesale have a special offer on the Thelma Levett book on a disc CD's. The cost also includes two more webinars in September at the same time.

So why not make a special effort to attend one of the world's leading balloon conventions.

The event runs from Nov 5/7th with instructors coming from all over the world and including, Colin Myles, Robbie Furman, Thelma Levett, Montagnol Denis, Klaus Loffert, Silvia Reichert, Rudiger Paulsen, Antonio, Margreet Ward and Pascal Grooten.

My son is 13 and an adult size 6 but my nephew was a size 8 at this age.

It is safer to send one size fits all stuff like gloves, hats or scarves or even most other clothes.

You will not need to be an expert modeller as Guinness only requires that the official judge regards each attempt as an identifiable model.

So if you are going to be at Kidology please take the time to join in as everybody who takes part will be able to obtain a personalised certificate from Guinness identifying that they are a Guinness World Record Holder.

We have been working closely with David Kaye (Who is our guest editor for this issue! Featured are all our regular writers, plus articles from some of the top names worldwide including Silly Billy, Kimmo, Jozo Bozo and many more!

Order NOW at Quick Links have a unique, ornament-like shape that’s mirrored on the top and the bottom.

Worth a try i'll sort something out through the people that run it.

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