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For example, a user with a laptop on a Wi-Fi connection may be assigned different addresses from the network DHCP server periodically and have no persistent network name.When new mail arrives to the mail server, it does not know what address the client is currently assigned.

Apple's i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch support Hotmail push email.If new mail arrives in the polling interval, it is instantly pulled, using a subscriber's existing wireless phone account.This allows the device to have a changing IP or to traverse NAT/Proxy.Android's built-in Gmail client uses Google Cloud Messaging to push email for Gmail accounts set up to sync with the phone.Android also supports Microsoft Exchange accounts natively through its default mail application.Post Office Protocol (POP3) is an example of a polling email delivery protocol.

At login and later at intervals, the mail user agent (client) polls the mail delivery agent (server) to see if there is new mail, and if so downloads it to a mailbox on the user's computer.'Direct Push' technology is an additional feature added to Microsoft Exchange 2003 with service pack 2 that adds messaging and security features.A phone device running Windows Mobile 5 is enabled to poll the Exchange Server every 30 minutes.Yahoo Mail may be pushed to an Android device, as Android now supports IMAP4 (as of September 2015).An alternative for Yahoo Mail is to install the free Yahoo Mail app, which provides instant push email.To achieve push mail with email providers other than Exchange, there is a commercially available plug-in from Emansio that enables push mail with almost any public email provider, or any email server that supports IMAP IDLE.