Blue dating

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Our clients are high net worth and high profile individuals and creative talent.Learn more about our Services » Privacy Protect Privacy Protect is SSP Blue’s exclusive service for high net worth clients to identify and remove their personally identifiable information from online sites.

Confidential Services We work with individual clients confidentially to help with matters involving privacy, security, and safety such as cyber stalking, online threats, harassment, leaks of personal images, and other personal issues.We are often asked to do board presentations or work with investors so they support you as much as we will.Arts & Entertainment See our specialized services designed for Hollywood clients here – SSP Blue ELITE Specialized Services Where needed we can deploy our white hat hackers to test your systems and then help you fix them.Loveflutter bills itself as the wordy, meaningful alternative to Tinder’s addictive, hot-or-not, smartphone touchscreen mashing."We're taking away that initial first judgment on looks," Smith says, "and we're bringing personality to the foreground." Smith has come to believe that the key to a user’s personality is their tweets.On July 25, Loveflutter launched Blue, a paid subscription tier for verified Twitter users to flirt exclusively among themselves.

In the launch announcement, Loveflutter bills Blue as an app that will enable users to "date celebrities discreetly." It’s important to note that less than 50 percent of Twitter’s more than 190,000 verified users are actors, athletes, musicians, and other entertainers; the rest are political entities, corporate brands, and all sorts of other, presumably less sexy accounts.

But dating apps have gamified romance for millions of phone-obsessed, perpetual scrollers who’ve programmed themselves to swipe right and left on their fellow users’ faces with ruthless efficiency.

Daigo Smith, cofounder of the dating app Loveflutter, which launched in 2014, tells me he’s developed the antidote to Tinder’s emphasis on attractiveness.

Hollywood beware – every cyber security expert is selling everything in the store.

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