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Her 11 bridesmaids, including actresses Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu and Selena Li, did not hold up the ceremony by making things too difficult for the band of brothers.

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She joined TVB shortly afterward and started out as minor characters in a few of her first TV dramas.

I have a gut feeling that it was all staged for publicity purpose, but nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from glee-ing head to toe.

Love isn’t about who came first and who you’ve known the longest.

A banquet at The Ritz-Carlton followed, with more than 100 of the bride's friends in attendance, including actors Michael Miu, Michael Tse and Kenneth Ma and actress Michelle Ye.

Hand in hand, actors Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan made their official debut as a couple.

Currently, the couple is busying on the guest invitation list. After the major breakup with her former celebrity boyfriend Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in 2013, the ex-lovers remain good friends and Bosco wished her happiness and bliss forever.

The wedding will take place in this December, at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong with 50 tables of wedding receptions in total. HONG KONG - Former TVB star Myolie Wu and businessman Philip Lee married amid razzmatazz on Monday, after falling in love at first sight and dating for a year.In the morning, he and his 23 groomsmen pulled up at her apartment in nine cars, including a Ferrari, a BMW, a Porsche and two Rolls-Royces, said Apple Daily.What more, she loves the idea of being titled as Mrs Lee for the remaining phase of her life.Myolie has a fairytale wedding dream, which she wished to perform in England.It’s about who walked in, and never left your side… She received lots of fame and adoration, but her love life was never better than you’d thought. After many years of ups and downs, this woman is finally engaged at the age of 36.

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