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What makes the story more than just another tabloid sensation is the extraordinary boom in cosmetic procedures going on across the country.Hundreds of thousands of Americans will undergo minor procedures this year to improve their appearance, visiting technicians and doctors who use lasers to do everything from whitening teeth to removing body hair.

Before taking classes to learn how to use laser equipment, he had been a construction worker in his native New Jersey.

Searching his memory for any indication Faiello might have hidden a body, Bach thought of a strange concrete slab Faiello had poured at the sprawling white house he had sold on Elwood Avenue in Newark.

It was there, beneath the concrete Faiello had laid in the storage room at the back of the garage, that on February 18 police found Maria Cruz’s decomposing body stuffed in a suitcase wrapped with garbage bags.

Even then, however, Faiello was able to continue practicing, setting up shop in a friend’s apartment.

In fact, at the time of Maria Cruz’s death, he was cooperating with the attorney general’s office, gathering information to prosecute real doctors for medical-insurance fraud. If you’re thinking of undergoing any kind of laser procedure, check out the credentials of the person doing it.

That night, with no sign of her, her uncle Jose Navarro went to the N. It was thrown atop a large pile of similar reports.

More than 18,400 people had been reported missing in New York City in the first five months of 2003; most turned out to be runaways. Finally a pair of New York City detectives discovered that Maria had been undergoing treatment for an unsightly mouth condition called “black tongue.” The Friday before her disappearance, she had canceled an appointment with a Manhattan laser specialist who was treating her. Not for several months, until that December, did an investigator speak with Faiello’s longtime companion, a 43-year-old Manhattan designer named Greg Bach.Admirers describe him as soft-spoken; detractors call him creepy.“He always had a crisp, white lab coat on, groomed and bathed, cologne, very professional,” says Mark Ritchey, a hairdresser who’s known Faiello for nearly 20 years. After five o’clock it all changed.”After five o’clock, well, we’ll get to that in a moment.Faiello grew up in the middle-class suburb of Madison, where he was an avid skier and a good student, president of the National Honor Society.He was close to his mother, but his parents’ divorce, coupled with his emerging gay lifestyle, led to an estrangement from his father.If you don’t, you could end up in the shaky hands of a man like Dean Faiello.

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