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That year Ferry covered the Beatles' "She's Leaving Home" for the transitory musical documentary All This and World War II.

The band also achieved their first and only UK number one single, "Jealous Guy", released in 1981 as a posthumous tribute to its author John Lennon who had been murdered some months earlier.Ferry had already started a parallel solo career in 1973, initially performing cover versions of old standards on albums such as These Foolish Things (1973) and Another Time, Another Place (1974), both of which reached the UK Top 5.After the concert tour in support of their fifth studio album, Siren, Roxy Music temporarily disbanded in 1976, though band members Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera and Eddie Jobson took part in recording Ferry's subsequent solo material.After the Avalon promotional tours, Ferry was rather reluctant to return to live touring on the road; however, a change of management persuaded him to try touring again in 1988 to promote the previous year's Bête Noire release.Following the tour, Ferry teamed up again with Brian Eno for Mamouna (collaborating with Robin Trower on guitar and as producer).Roxy Music's first hit, "Virginia Plain", made the UK Top 5 in 1972, and was followed up with several hit singles and albums, with Ferry as their lead vocalist and occasional instrumentalist (he taught himself the piano in his mid-twenties) and Eno contributing synthesiser backing.

After their second album, Brian Eno left Roxy Music, leaving Ferry its undisputed leader.

The difficulties in sound were overcome for "Slave to Love" and "Jealous Guy".

As with other successful Live Aid acts, his then current album, Boys and Girls, remained in the UK chart for almost a year.

that he has worked in the studio with Roxy Music once more and has co-written songs for the new album.

However, Ferry later debunked the idea of a new Roxy Music album and stated that the material from these sessions will most likely be released as part of his next solo album, In October 2006, Ferry signed a contract with the British retailer Marks and Spencer to model their "Autograph" men's clothing range.

In 1996 Ferry performed the song "Dance With Life" for the Phenomenon soundtrack, which was written by Bernie Taupin and Martin Page.

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