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However, this Excellence Strategy is an important consideration when addressing this Policy's excellence objective.

It reduces the risk of obesity and diseases like stroke, Type II diabetes and cancer, and hence reduces the health care costs to treat such diseases.

Sport and physical activity help maintain Canadians' health, strengthen our communities, and contribute to our overall quality of life.

Canada's new government is committed to developing sport in Canada.

This, in turn, has resulted in greater public awareness of disability issues and the need for policy intervention.

Today the majority of Canadians believe that persons with a disability can and should have the opportunity to participate in social, economic and cultural life to their fullest potential.

The Policy's objectives and strategies apply to Sport Canada programs and initiatives.

It respects provincial/territorial jurisdictions and promotes collaboration and partnerships between governments and stakeholders to achieve common objectives.Canada is a leading player on the international scene for the inclusion of persons with a disability in sport.As Canadians, we recognize how important it is to ensure persons with a disability have the means to reach their potential and participate as full members in our society.The Policy will direct the work of Sport Canada with organizations involved in Paralympic, Special Olympic and Deaflympic sports, including National Sport Organizations, Multisport Service Organizations, other national not-for-profit organizations, Canadian Sport Centres and provincial/territorial governments.The focus of public debate on disability issues has increasingly moved away from medical definitions of "disability" to social models of understanding systemic barriers that prevent the full and active participation of persons with a disability in society.Programs and initiatives will focus on the three disability sport movements - Paralympics, Special Olympics and Deaflympics - and targeted aspects of their planning and implementation, guided by Long Term Athlete Development ( model that illustrates the progression of athletes and sport participants with a disability through successive stages of development supported by essential sport system components, e.g., coaching, competitions, officials, facilities, etc.