Carbon 14 dating pyramids

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Science only progresses by keeping our minds open to alternative hypotheses.

i have always thought our dating techniques were suspect, but astrological dating is outside the methodologies of the chemist and are rooted in physics which if not more correct are certainly a fresh perspective to the events of the past.If you find a dated coin at a dig site you only know that the site is at least as old as the coin not that it is the age of the coin.That the pyramids have been used for different purposes over their very long existence seems patently obvious to me but apparently it is very important to the status quo of modern archeology to perpetuate the belief that they only served as tombs although there is very little evidence that they were ever tombs.Curiously, the shafts inside the pyramids of Giza and the positioning of the pyramids themselves, correspond exactly with the constellation of Orion.But the perfect alignment between the pyramids and the constellation only occurred in the year 10,500BC.It is unlikely this would have been risked unless a cavity had been detected by a remote sensing technology in advance.

What great treasure may have been secretly removed? If you are going to the pyramid any time soon please examine the wall.

Objects found inside of the pyramids cannot accurately date the structure.

Thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of years of use are going to create a large inventory of items that may have been left at various times.

There was a crack all the way up the middle and embedded in the surface were the cut off heads of two thick metal pins.

Our logical deductions were that these had been part of an attempt to pull the block from the wall (no doubt breaking it in the process) so as to explore a known or suspected cavity.

Some archaeologists have pointed out that most Egyptian funerary structures abound with texts and inscriptions inside them to assist the passing of the dead pharaoh into the underworld, but the Giza pyramids, including Khufu, were devoid of decoration and hieroglyphics.