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The two sit together at a bar where Hoffman tries to get Donovan to tell him what Abel is telling Donovan, for the sake of the country, though Donovan refuses to say anything.The pilots are brought into the Peshawar Air Station to see the U-2 planes that they will use in their mission, complete with cameras and the like.

To make things worse, someone shoots at the Donovan home one evening, harming no one, but also not earning any sympathy for the family as most of the country thinks Donovan is a traitor.Roger's class watches a video on the dangers of nuclear warfare and the precautions that ought to be taken in the event of a catastrophe.He then sets up his own "duck and cover" station at home, worrying his father.Pryor is confronted by Stasi agents who find him suspicious.He shows off his books to prove he is a student, but the man is subsequently arrested. However, Donovan thinks they should get Pryor back as well.The two men share one final look before departing the bridge.

On the plane ride, Powers tells Donovan that he never told his captors anything, to which Donovan states that none of it matters anymore.

1957 - At the height of the Cold War, both the United States and Soviet Union employed spies against each other out of fear regarding the nuclear capabilities of one another. Abel leaves his apartment and walks around the city, unaware of a man, Agent Blasco (Domenick Lombardozzi) stepping out of a cab to follow him.

In Brooklyn, Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) is painting a self-portrait. Blasco follows Abel through the subway station where he is joined by Agent Gamber (Victor Verhaeghe).

Meanwhile at Checkpoint Charlie, Pryor is brought over.

After he is confirmed, the exchange is made, and Abel crosses over to the other side, but not before letting Donovan know that he left him a gift.

Donovan meets three people posing as Abel's family before meeting Vogel. During his time in Germany, Donovan is forced to stay in a cold and crummy hotel room.

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