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John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex, ) debuts as Philip on December 10 in scenes with John Aniston (Victor) and Eric Martsolf (Brady).

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Sienna Goines begins a stint as Jade's Aunt Simone on May 27, when Jade and Joey visit her commune outside LA. She played Callie Rogers on The character had been killed off in November 2015. The week of May 2, 2016: Josh Burrow premieres as Clark on May 2. Todd Waring portrays the above mentioned Mark's father, Judge Mc Nair, on April 28.

The character has a connection to Summer and shares scenes with Marie Wilson. The week of April 18, 2016: Smith, who last appeared on the show on October 22, 2015, will resurface in Salem in July.

The week of April 25, 2016: Anne-Marie Johnson begins a recurring stint as Dr. The week of April 11, 2016: Greg Vaughan wraps up his stint as Eric Brady on April 15, when his character is sent off to prison. Christos Vasilopoulos plays a young Victor on April 15, when current Victor (John Aniston) has flashbacks about Helena's death.

Valerie Grant, a gorgeous African-American woman in her mid-50s, who's character traits include courage and perseverance.

Longtime fans will recall that Valerie, originally played by Tina Andrews, was romantically paired with Julie's son, David Banning, in 1976. The role is scheduled to begin taping in mid-to-late May.

Nadia Bjorlin returns as Chloe on Friday, January 8.

Christian Ganiere has taken over the role of Parker, Daniel and Chloe's son.The week of January 4, 2016: Zak Henri debuts as Henry on January 5.His character is the latest addition to the show's new teen cast. Oakes, the Salem University Hospital medico tending to the ailing Thomas.The week of March 28, 2016: Robert Scott Wilson returns as Ben on March 29 in scenes with Kate Mansi (Abigail). The week of March 21, 2016: Rafe, Gabi and Dario's mama finally materializes, this week.Alma Delfina begins airing as Adriana Hernandez on March 22.Kai Wulff originally portrayed the character from 1983 to 1986 and again, briefly, in 1991. The week of February 15, 2016: Jordi Vilasuso debuts as Dario Hernandez, Rafe and Gabi's brother, on February 19.