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It appears there is no easy way to remove the granny gear since it has what looks like some type of rivets.

However I prefer trying to bust out the rivets first as the BCD of 58mm matches up with available 20T chainrings.If the FD can't handle the 22 tooth difference between the small and large chainrings, perhaps I can just not use the largest of them and go with a wider range rear freewheel to compensate (11-34 instead of 14-28 for example).34/11 is very close to 42/14 Depends on your budget, your requirements, and your mechanical aptitude.Neighbors and customers have shown their support for the store with white and purple “Dan Fan” yard signs, which are sprinkled in front of many homes near the store on the Davidson-Williamson County border.We have placed cookies on your computer, as they are essential for parts of the site to operate. For a range of great discounts and benefits get in touch with our dedicated Group Travel team on 03457 125 678.I would like to go with a 20 granny chainring cuz I like to ride thru tall grass and need a lower gear.

My rear gears are a 7 speed freewheel with a 28 as the largest cog so currently, 24/28 is my lowest gear which is about 22 gear inches (26" tires). My goal for my lowest gear is 20/34 which will give me about 15 gear inches. In January property developer Alan Beesley, 41, was told to tear down his £500,000 home after disguising it as a barn on protected Green Belt land near Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.I have a cheap (0) 26" Walmart mountain bike (Hyper Summit) that has a triple chainring (24,34,42).That way I wont disable my bike while I am tinkering.If I take my time, I might be able to bust out those rivets and get the smaller granny chainring on there.*Savings based on Advance single tickets per person booked at uk.