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“growing up as a tomboy, I was very mischievous and I loved athletics.Ms Chikwanda said while working for Zain she started a Human Resource consulting firm which later gave birth to Alchemy Women in Leadership after observing that she was the only female executive in every organisation she served.“At that point I started wondering what has happened to women, the brilliant brains, why the women were not making it to executive level or to be Managing Directors,” Ms Chikwanda said.Mariano, an eight-year-old kid finds a book in the library about a mysterious creature called Chimango.This fantastic character can be tracked as it leaves many clues with other beings as rare as him.GREY Emporio, Carte Blanche, Life Line Durban, Joburg Child Welfare, Ngirozi Zimbabwe, Obert Mazivisa Artist, Voice Of Hair, Pure Word Vinyl Design, Cantu Beauty Africa, Mistrys, Lacey's, The Tasty Grill, Dr.

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“The headmaster challenged us to never allow our results to be below the boys in other schools and he never allowed us to think of careers marginalised to women and this made us compete with the boys’ schools”, she said.

Ms Chikwanda said at Tigoni, their motto ‘Tag girls try, tag girls do’’ made the girls live up to it and excel at academic and sports competitions.

She said when she got to grade one she could not even write her name.

“That was the beginning of my academic career,” she recalls.

“I attended my pre-school in Lusaka and I deliberately ensured that I failed pre-school because I did not want to move to another stage, so I did pre-school for two years, “she said.