Christian dating and kissing

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A romantic treat could be anything from a french kiss to a foot massage but should not last longer than 2 minutes.

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When your spouse answers a question, you should respond to the same question.

Remember those kissing bells at your wedding reception?

Every time someone rang the bell, you and your sweetheart had to kiss?

" Answer: Dating and courtship are two methods of beginning relationships with the opposite sex.

While there are non-Christians who date with the intention of having a series of intimate physical relationships, for the Christian this is not acceptable and should never be the reason for dating.

The Bible warns us that believers and unbelievers should not marry each other, because those living in the light (of Christ) and those living in the darkness cannot live in harmony (2 Corinthians -15).

As stated before, during this time there should be little or no physical contact, as this is something that should wait until marriage (1 Corinthians -20).Many Christians see dating as little more than friendship and maintain the friendship aspect of their dating until both people are ready to commit to each other as potential marriage partners.First and foremost, dating is a time when a Christian finds out if his or her potential marriage partner is also a believer in Christ.Whenever a player over-takes the playing piece of their partner, they say “Bless me!” That player is then entitled to be blessed with a romantic treat of their choosing.Courtship takes the position that the two people have no physical contact at all (no touching, no hand-holding, no kissing) until marriage.