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Surrounding the doors is a multi-stepped stone arch surrounded by stone blocks, the whole creating a small portico with a gabled top with small towers at each corner.In the centre a stone cross rises from the gable's peak.

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The Diocese of Saint John itself was established on September 30, 1842, by Pope Gregory XVI.

As is the case with essentially all cathedrals, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was designed to make an impression upon those who entered the building, in part through the creation of a large and extravagantly embellished doorway.

Bishop Thomas Louis Connolly arrived in Saint John in 1852 and was confronted with the challenge of providing a place of worship which would accommodate the large Irish Catholic population.

His vision was of a cathedral “as a centre of action and rallying point for all future operations in the diocese”.

Like other Christian churches, The United Church of Canada is rooted in God, Jesus, and the Bible.

However, the way we understand God, practice our faith, and read the Bible is distinct, just as it is distinct in other denominations of the Christian church.There are some relatively large numbers associated with the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception: • 400 men volunteered to dig the foundation; • 221 stone cutters crafted the stone work; • 3,000 arrived to celebrate the first Christmas Mass and dedication in 1855; • the Cathedral’s spire, not completed until 1871, reaches 300 feet above sea level.In the belfry hangs a 10-bell carillon which won a Gold Medal at the New Orleans Exposition before being installed in the cathedral in 1885.HERITAGE VALUE The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and Bishop's Palace are designated Local Historic Places for their historical and religious associations with early Irish Catholic immigrants to Saint John and for their architecture.The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is recognized for its association with Irish immigration in Saint John and for that community’s devotion to the Catholic denomination.(When we visited, the spire was nearly lost in the low hanging clouds).