Christians kissing while dating

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Christians kissing while dating - who is naomi campbell dating now

There is a natural tendency to seek deeper levels of satisfaction.What kissing does to you is open up your mind and body to a whole new world of possibilities.

While kissing is not sexual intercourse itself, it is a sexual act that is a part of God’s design for sex in marriage.Once momentum has been built up, it reaches to the point of no return, and it has to take off.Wouldn’t we all agree that kissing is the runway that prepares you for the next level of a relationship between a man and a woman?God has designed us that way and when we begin any sort of sexual activity our bodies know exactly what is happening, whether we accept it or not.I have been often asked the question “what if I kiss without doing anything else”?Secondly, this truth bears itself out not only in our emotions, desires, and common sense but literally in our physical bodies.

I use the term physiological argument in this context as it relates to the function of the human body.

Kissing is a one way street that leads to one destination: sin.

It is simply a physiological and emotional reality. is used in Scripture refers directly to a husband and wife, not boyfriend and girlfriend or fiancé[e].

I am quite certain that if you are about to read this article, you have heard and accepted the fact that “sex before marriage is a sin.” However the fact that “kissing before marriage is a sin” is unheard of for some, shunned by others and bizarre for the rest.

We are living in a time where people hate truth and a lot of people are in denial about a lot of things.

It is a proven fact that Biblical relationships were no more than close knitted friendships. Both the bride and groom were required under the to maintain their purity before getting married.