Christopher titus dating diesel model

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Christopher Titus: [at the hospital, where Ken is being treated for a heart attack] Tommy, how's dad? You know, does the word "patricide" mean anything to you? Officer Charlie Regan: [handing Titus the pictures] Deal.

[leaves] Christopher Titus: But, I'm too old to learn!

Christopher Titus: Okay, you're not even trying.

Christopher Titus: Okay Dad, what exactly do you "love" about the truck? Christopher Titus: Dad found a new way to screw with me. Erin Fitzpatrick: Well, it's about time he said that.

Oh, man if you don't think this is the most bitchin-est double throw-down street truck you've ever seen, you can kiss my ass!

It's got 20-inch foose-billet wheels, custom paint, shift-kit, 2-4 suspension, drop-ported heads.

Officer Charlie Regan: We found half an ounce of marijuana in it. That would explain the sounds of Dad and the nurse having sex. [Erin gasps] Tommy Shafter: [entering from the living room] Mr.

Christopher Titus: The nurse and dad are having *sex*! Christopher Titus: You're acting like he never tried to kill me! Christopher Titus: I'm gonna go straighten him out. [Christopher crouches down next to Ken] Christopher Titus: Wussy. Dave Scouvel: [knocking on the door of Erin's family's house] Alcohol, bullets and crystal meth delivery! I mean, I should've known this would never work out. A little heavy on the humiliation, but still damn good! [live story] Christopher Titus: I'll do anything! But it's going to cost you a hundred bucks a month.