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Myles Standish, upon discovering Indian corn, quickly had the Pilgrim fathers plant crops.

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Its classic New England cities, towns, and farmlands have been the setting of countless stories and books through the last three hundred years, and home to thousands of writers, artists, and educators.Bogs on Cape Cod provide a bountiful fall harvest of cranberries to enliven baked goods, sauces, and relishes. This manual is meant to serve as a general reference for specialty food producers.Apple orchards produce the varieties needed for ciders, pies, sauces, and gift baskets. Presented here are ideas and information that will be useful for those who are thinking of starting a specialty food business as well as for those who want to grow their existing business.Other culinary notables include Fannie Farmer, who revolutionized cooking with her 1896 cookbook, and present day legend Julia Child of Cambridge.And let us not forget Ralph Waldo Emerson, who defended apple pie as suitable breakfast food.Here, crops of Hadley asparagus, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, potatoes, and pumpkins abound.

In Plymouth, and on Cape Cod and Nantucket, cranberry bogs abound.We've provided information to help you make informed decisions based on your particular situation.The subjects in this manual are presented in the order in which you re likely to encounter them as you begin to think about starting your business.In the central region of Worcester County, apple orchards dating back 100 years produce a variety of apples, from Cortland to the perennial favorite Mc Intosh.Farms and farm stands are as much a part of the Massachusetts landscape as are the white clapboard houses so often associated with the picturesque towns that make up Massachusetts.What may be less well known is that the Bay State also has a rich culinary history.