Consolidating debt home equity line

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Lenders typically require a debt-to-income ratio lower than 43 percent, meaning your monthly debt obligations, including your expected home equity loan payment, make up less than 43 percent of your monthly pre-tax income.

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Lenders are more apt to approve borrowers whose income significantly exceeds their debt.Closing costs can be between 2 and 5 percent of the amount of the loan, and fees can include application fees, document preparation, a title search and an appraisal. Be sure to compare costs and fees among several lenders before choosing one for your loan.Deepening debt: While a home equity loan used to consolidate debt can lower monthly payments, it still deepens a homeowner’s overall debt.This requirement reduces the risk for lenders, assuring them that the homeowner will retain equity in their home even if the home’s market value drops.Because the home’s value serves as collateral for a home equity loan, lenders will often be more lenient with credit scores.You will pay the same amount each month toward a single loan, making it easy to budget and plan for.

Tax deduction: The interest on the first 0,000 a homeowner borrows with a home equity loan used to consolidate debt may be tax deductible.

Paying down a mortgage or owning a house until the market value significantly increases can take years, and borrowing that equity erases that work and puts the homeowner further into debt.

Homeowners should carefully consider whether a home equity loan is the best choice for paying down other debt.

If you plan to claim this deduction, consult a tax professional first, as filing mistakes can be expensive and tax laws change regularly.

Interest can be deducted on home equity loans for primary and secondary homes.

Less interest: The primary benefit of using home equity loans for debt consolidation is that you will make one loan payment a month rather than numerous smaller payments.