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Now, for his third act, he begins an invigorating and promising new era with a bevvy of intriguing projects, including putting the finishing touches on his most assured and swaggering solo music to date.Constantine is excited to be appearing for the very first time at the North Shore Music theatre in Evita. He wanted to be a doctor, a world traveler, and a crusader to name a few.

What are some of the crazier things that have happened during shows? Recently someone screamed out, "I love you, Constantine" in the middle of the show while I was singing a song and I said, "Who the f---- is Constantine? There are a lot of fun, ad-lib moments, and that's what's great about the show and keeps people coming back. I think we'll tug on the heart strings of Middle America.

12 after an altercation with the mother of his child, Angel Reed.

She accused him of pushing her to the ground and kicking her, and he said it was self-defense after she threw things at him and injured his leg.

Che is a little different for me, but I would still like to bring some of my coolness and strength to his character. The next couple of weeks are going to be nuts, but I’m very excited to be part of this production. I co-wrote it with Sam Hollander (he also wrote “Handclap.”) In brainstorming for this song, we both spoke kindly of our love for New England.

SD: You recently released a new single, “All About You.” What is the song about? When I moved to Boston, It was the first time I was away from home and I fell in love with a southern belle.

“All About You” is an earnest power ballad about not being able to move on, SD: What are your thoughts on the revival of “American Idol”? Going into it, I knew I was not a big rock star or a pop star, because Broadway is my game. The show brought families back together and was a big part of TV history. To purchase tickets to see him perform in “Evita “at the North Shore Music Theatre visit org.

What I love about this revival, is that it will be focusing more on the candidates and their stories. And you know the fans have come to see you, they pay to see you, and for the most part there's a 1,000 people in the house each night, and they expect to hear and see and feel and be a part of the show they've heard about for a year and a half. But like anything, if you love what you do, if you live for what you do, you're passionate about it. So probably my greatest Yankee moment was seeing Don Mattingly run off the field in 1995 when they first made the playoffs. It's a great celebration of Yankee tradition and history. They kept a lot of the great features, and it feels like the old place. I've met a lot of famous actors and rock stars, but I look up to athletes the way people look up to regular celebrities. The opportunity to create a role and get nominated for a Tony has been huge for me. I've some good work over the past 10 years, Boston Conservatory, the , I've been able to sustain the quality of work, including creating this role. I have a small dedicated following, and yet wherever I go people seem to know who I am. We would do midnight shows on Friday nights and people were just wasted the whole time. : I loved the old place, but the new place is a Coliseum. Obviously, this is a career highlight for you, but could you have even envisioned everything that's happened and how big it's gotten? I've always loved Broadway but I've always loved my rock and roll, so clearly this has been a blessing.SD: What was it about this role of Che Guevara that you liked? There are just so many stories about the man he was that stand out: everything from his iconic beret to his street art.

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